I love that people have called me a renaissance man. It matches, exactly, the person I want to be and that I hope I am. In a nutshell, I love new experiences, diversity, and challenges (though more thought than physical). I've had an extraordinary career in my chosen profession of computer science that has ranged, and still does, from software engineer to CIO/CTO and included helping to start/expand seven companies, public speaking, work in a multitude of sectors, and living overseas twice (Japan and Australia). I have written one non-fiction book and an award winning novel. I have four advanced degrees (Computer Science [minor in philosophy], Engineering Management, Space Studies, and Creative Writing.
And, possibly most important, have raised four wonderful kids.

Writing: My books and other writing projects.

Humanism: My activities around promoting and furthering Humanism.

Career: My professional resume and accomplishments.

Personal: A terse history and notable events or phases of my life.