A visionary ex-senator who conceives Propositum, a far-reaching plan to save the Roman Republic. He manipulates the Jewish high council, the Roman Senate, and multiple Caesars to spread Judaism throughout the empire.
The stalwart ex-centurion and right arm of Proculus. He has a vast network of contacts and a willingness to do whatever is needed for the plan.
The devout Jew trying to save his people from an impending war with Rome. He reluctantly becomes the proselytizer Proculus needs for the plan to come to fruition.
Proculus' devoted wife and steadfast Jew who unwittingly aides in the formation of a plan that may ultimately destroy Jerusalem.
The young daughter of Maximus who is thrown into the dangers of subterfuge and manipulation through her support of the plan.


Could Christianity have formed without a Jesus Christ? What if Paul and a visionary ex-senator conspired to change Judaism and the Roman Republic into something... better?

This is the sensational story of the founding of Christianity as it could have happened if some modern scholars are right and Jesus did not exist. It posits a Christ figure as an amalgamation of the social and philosophical trends of the time with the ideas handed down through verbal history from the Teacher of Righteousness

Follow the exploits of Proculus, an old Roman, along with his trusted friend and right arm, Maximus, and Paul of Tarsus as they plan, cajole, and manipulate the Roman Senate, Caesars, and the Jewish High Council. Anything is possible for such ambitious men.

See for yourself how Christianity may have actually been formed! Purchase here.

This is a shocking story that stuck with me for weeks. The audacity of these men is stunning! -- Kate Carpenter

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