Humanism is a belief in the Human race and the responsibility and power we all have. It is a stance that we must all use reason and intellect to evaluate every aspect of our being and our environment. When we apply this to religion, there tends to be little left that we need to rely on and so Humanism is frequently believed to be anti-religious. In fact, the first humanists were the philosophers and intellectuals of the Renaissance who were also devout Christians.

Nevertheless, Humanists today frequently attempt to define their morality and their life practices without reliance on religion, almost as if they are atheists. The common problem then is to define spirituality for moral atheists in a way that shows the validity of living a righteous life and one that has the same benefits that religion offers.

There are many aspects to spirituality; including some that are linked to there being something "higher" than oneself. But there are also aspects that have to do with the mental health and happiness of the individual and the family. There are rituals, traditions, and practices within the religious sphere that provide spirituality and that are missing in the lives of non-religious individuals and families. This site is an attempt to gather together in one place replacements for those rituals, traditions, and practices such that the non-religious Humanist can have a healthy spiritualy fulfilling life.

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I have published a book called Humanism for Parents - Parenting without Religion. It is listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, EvolveFish, and others. It is also available at the publisher ( If you are interested in previewing the book or purchasing a copy, you can visit my lulu store, or visit my Parenting page via the left Nav Bar.

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