My Writing

I have found that writing fiction is about ten times harder than non-fiction (for me).


Over - cover

Will a forbidden love tear the world apart…
     â€¦or can it be used to heal the deep divide?

In the middle of the twenty-second century, with the world finally recovering, the love of a young immortal Over and a rebel Under threatens to change the fate of Humanity. As our civilization's future hangs in the balance, an all-knowing AI launches her own plans for the future of mankind.

An intriguing and thought-provoking story about the separation of society that occurs when a small subset of humanity becomes immortal. Cultures collide and the world splits into Overs, who control too much, and Unders, who must fight for freedom. Now, an AI must make use of the forbidden love of two desperate souls to save humankind.

Propositum - A Novel

Propositum - cover

Winner of the Chaucer Award for best historical fiction of 2013 from Chanticleer Reviews and an India B.R.A.G Award

The novel is about the founding of Christianity, but based on what modern scholars (archaeological and religious) think may have happened. This includes the lack of an actual Jesus Christ. As this story goes, an ex-senator of Rome and Paul conspire to create Christianity. It took a couple of years of research to try to find a timeline and feasible storyline that would work with history. Then, another couple of years to write the initial version... only to find out that the story and idea are awesome, but my craft needed work. I then attended the University of Denver graduate MLA program in Creative Writing to hone my skills. After that, I rewrote the book into a professional-level novel.

See the Propositum web page for more information.

Humanism for Parents

Humanism for Parents Cover

This was my first published work. I had two main goals: first was to learn the publishing industry and second to spread the word that people can live a normal, (spiritually) healthy life without reliance on religion. There were no books on the market like this at the time and I needed to learn something about publishing if I wanted to be successful with the novel I had started to research. My wife (at the time) and I had raised four awesome children in a Humanistic-like environment, so I used that experience. The two goals, therefore, combined to writing and self-publishing this short non-fiction book.
The book is available at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes&Noble (Nook), and at the publisher:

To My Children

To My Children Cover

Every year, since my children were young, I have written them a letter about what happened in their lives the previous year. In 2010, I combined all of these into a hardcover book and called it To My Children. I plan to update the book every five years so that they have a physical version of it should something happen to me. It includes a section on important events in the world that year, a general section for what has been happening to the family and to me personally, and then sections for each of the four kids. It tells the good, the bad, and the ugly and is a very frank depiction of the year.

Reflections in the Dark

Reflections in the Dark Cover

This began as a collection of thoughts, philosophies, and ideas that I would like to pass on to my children. Coincidentally, after my father's death, we found a similar book he had started at roughly the same age I did. He called his Scattered Reflections. Maybe there is a biological imperative, or at least desire, to leave something like this behind... In any case, it is something that I started around 40 and have worked on as I find time over the years and that I will leave to my children. I have also found that some of these thoughts have found their way into my other writing, especially the personal essays.


Reflections in the Dark Cover

In 2000 I produced a genealogy book for my family that included the family tree from my children back as far as I could go and an overview of their heritage with a number of short pieces about particular relatives.
I called it Bimillenial Curleys, though in retrospect, that was a silly name. This book was done before the advent of easy-to-use self publishing companies, so I did the production work myself.
Since its publication, and my posting research questions and results, a number of other relatives have stepped forward. Ultimately, I will get back to this book and do a major update - and probably rename it.

Personal Essays & Short Stories

As I have traveled the writing adventure, I have written a number of personal essays and short stories.
Brothers is a short story about two opposing civil war brothers and how a serendipitous letter shaped their final moments.
Thecla the Chaste is a short story about a reported follower of St. Paul and one of the earliest female saints in the church.
Mismanagement in Japan is a humorous personal essay about some of my management foibles in Japan.
Sherry is a personal essay about the most tumultuous and passionate relationship I've ever been in.
The Question is a short coming-of-age story about a boy trying to ask a girl out.
A Conversation about Timothy Leary is a personal essay about a conversation I had with my oldest son regarding the use of drugs.
The Marathon is a story about a father who used to enjoy running and commerates the loss of his son by running his first marathon.

Graduate Works

I have three graduate degrees. These are the relevant theses:
GAIJIN GIZYUTSU KANRI - Foreign Technical Management in Japan:
My thesis for the MS, Engineering Management degree from California Miramar University. It is a study of how foreigners manage in Japan.
Technological Mitigation Options to Anthropogenic Global Warming:
My final paper for the MS, Space Studies degree from the University of North Dakota. It is about ways we might resolve man-made global warming.
Nuveau Power, Inc. - A Response to the Need for a Space-Based Solar Power System
My capstone project for UND detailing a proposal for a space-based solar power system.
Researching the Balance between Aesthetics and Historicity in Historical Novels of Ancient Times:
My capstone project for the MLA degrees in creative writing centered around the research required for Propositum.

Works in Process

I am currently working on two novels and sporadically write short stories and some poetry.
The Sapiens Project is somewhat of a prequel to Over in that it is the major project Demetrius ran that resulted in him becoming immortal. It centers around an effort to send people back to what is called the choke point in human evolution - where there were only about a thousand left alive on the planet.
Anika's Gift is a sequel to Over and sees the inhabitants of a new plant try to survive in an envrionment that seem inexplicable.
Tamdiu is the sequel to Propositum and follows Curia, now a grandmother, and her two grandchildren as they attempt to continue the legacy created by Proculous and Paul.